1. The last copy standing at Pandayan Bookshop, Megamall. Congratulations to whoever bought it. I purposely didn’t buy it for you. You’re welcome.


  2. When the news came out that Esquire Philippines was releasing a September issue featuring the Ǝraserheads, I was ecstatic. Then along with that announcement was the gigantic news that a CD containing two new tracks produced by the band was to be included in the said issue. After nine years. This band, this iconic band whose songs I used to sing when I was still six years old, will be releasing new songs. I just had to get a copy. This was history after all. 

    So around noon today, accompanied by my friend Susie, we scowered the whole (OK that’s an exaggeration) of Metro Manila in search of the remaining book stores that still had a copy. The night before the said release, a friend on Facebook posted that he’d already nabbed himself a couple of copies. Still other rumors circulated that only three copies where being distributed per branch. Fuck. It was high noon and I was still in Cubao hopping from one National Bookstore branch to another hoping in vain that that wretched Esquire magazine would just pop out already. No luck. 

    It suddenly occurred to be to check Facebook for any updates. In Esquire Philippines’ FB page a list of book stores containing the coveted issue was posted. None were in Cubao. Great. To Megamall it is. When we got to Megamall three of the book stores all said the same thing to us. ”Wala na. Ubos na. Kakaubos lang.”  Putang ina, I said. I was slowly losing hope. There was one shop left but we couldn’t find it and Megamall’s store-finding-machine wasn’t much help so we walked around hoping to come across it. After five minutes of walking around my friend suddenly stopped and ran to a magazine stall to take a better look at the magazines displayed. 

    HOLY FUCKING SHIT. It’s an Esquire Ǝheads issue in the flesh! Three copies left?! Fucking grab one now! We were laughing like lunatics not minding the other people looking at us. According to the sales lady of this tiny book shop (Pandayan Bookshop) the Esquire issue was their only sale for the whole day and that 100 copies were delivered to them. Some were consumed right away and others were reserved. Behind me, a heavy looking kuya was clutching his copy waiting patiently for me to get mine wrapped. He looked calm while I looked like a mad man. I guess he didn’t know what kind of ”adventure” my friend and I had gone through just for a bloody copy.

    There was one more copy left in the stand and as we were leaving the saleslady quipped, ”bilhin niyo na rin yan last copy, Ma’am”.  Nah, I said. Let some lucky bastard have it.


  3. Sunday is cat day :3

  4. "This is my spot"

  5. Tattooed myself. hehe #lateupload

  6. A mandala for Mandela

  7. My beloved Eggboy CDs that I bought from Diego Mapa :)

  10. at TIU Theater’s rehearsal room.

  11. My sweet baby.

  13. Baby (the cat): no please don’t eat me :(

  14. From Jessica Zafra’s Twisted 4.

  15. Binondo. Manila, Philippines.